We passionately support Founders that are on a mission to change the world

Why Cardumen?

Our general partners are investors, founders and operators. We have over a decade of experience founding and operating companies and helping entrepreneurs build, scale, and sell tech companies in Israel, Europe and in the United States. Our team is a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and upbringings. We strongly believe that different perspectives lead to better decision making.


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Who we are

Cardumen Capital is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in visionary founders transforming the world through technology. We invest in early stage deep tech startups in different industries. We make high conviction investments in founders who are creating the world we want to live in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve two stakeholders: our founders and our investors. We support extraordinary founders changing the world through technology and we give investors access to the best investment opportunities in companies that are transforming our future.

People Centric. We go above and beyond

We invest in founders and their teams. We understand that successful teams make or break a company. Whether you need help hiring or resolving team dynamics issues, our resources are there for you. Your success is our success. We will be with you as you ride the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

the most active investor on your cap table

We treat you like we wish to be treated—with transparency, respect, and honesty. We’re hands on—and we aren’t afraid to get into the weeds and help you resolve big, complicated problems. We won’t hesitate to mobilize our network for you to give you the best opportunity to succeed—whether we take a leading position or follow. We call this being the most active investor on your cap table, and it defines who we are.

Our Vision

We strive to be the most respected investor in our ecosystem

We strive to improve, compete and maintain an edge vis a vis our peers. This is our entrepreneurial journey. This experience gives us perspective about the challenges you face and how to tackle them. This experience also ensures we treat you with respect, understanding the difficulty in fundraising and company building. You are our customers, we depend on you and we value your experience with us irrespective of whether we end up investing in you.

Industries we invest in

We are technology experts with deep understanding of AI, Cybersecurity and Big Data. These technologies converge in many industries. We do both software and hardware. We are specialists in B2B and B2B2C. We have experience in product led growth go-to-markets and would consider excelent teams in B2C, despite not being our area of comfort.

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Artificial Intelligence

Software solutions that harness the power of AI to create brilliant products.

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Big Data

Businesses that create value through the management, processing or usage of Big Data. Specifically analytics, databases, data management, data cataloguing, compliance and decision making support.

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We are device agnostic and are agnostic (IT, OT, and IOT). The ever evolving attack surfaces and threats means a constant innovation in the cyber industry, we cover it all.

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We will consider any FoodTech and AgriTech company, but specialize in B2B in the areas of agritech, food science and the circular economy.

our story

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Cardumen Capital was founded in 2018. Our vision was to create a leading venture capital and alternative investments company. We began with an Israel focus leveraging our networks in Israel and our track record investing since 2010. Part of our team was responsible for the founding and leadership of the the Samsung Ventures and Accenture Israel offices. Hence, it was only natural that in our first fund we would leverage our expertise to continue with the success we had at Samsung and Accenture.

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Our first fund focused on early stage B2B Deep Tech for the Israeli market closes at $75 million. Our fund I is composed of 21 portfolio companies.

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Cardumen Deep Tech Fund II focusing in early stage B2B Deep Tech startups in Israel is launched. We are now actively investing for this fund.

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